Payment Methods


How can I pay?

You can use any of the cards listed below to pay for your order. Your details are safe with us as we take security very seriously indeed.

  • Visa
  • Master
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Shop Pay
  • Klarna

We also take fraud very seriously so all credit card holders are subject to validation and authorization by both us and the card issuer. If your billing information does not match what your financial institution has on file or if you are shipping to a location that does not match your billing address, your order may be placed on hold and delayed for security verification purposes. LadyDiva’s Closet is not responsible for any delays this may cause.


How do I use my discount/promo code?

Your discount/promo code has to be entered in the box which states ‘Discount Code’ within the 'Shopping Cart' page. Once you have entered the code, click on 'Apply Coupon'. You must enter the discount code when you are in the shopping cart page as it can't be applied later. 


There are some rules around discount/promo codes:

  • Only one discount/promo code can be used per order
  • Discount/promo codes cannot be used for gift vouchers
  • As our discount/promo codes vary as do the terms and conditions of each, so make sure you check when you receive any discount/promo code.


When will I be charged?

If your card is authorized, payment will be taken immediately, and you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successful. If your card is not authorized or under the status of pre-authorization, payment will not be taken, it’s your responsibility to contact your bank or card issuer to authorize the payment. Please remember that even if a payment isn’t authorized, it may look like LadyDiva’s Closet has taken the money as some card issuers may still reserve the money, for a short period of time.


My payment has been declined

  • Check the card details on your LadyDiva’s Closet account to make sure the information is correct. For example: the expiration date or your billing address
  • Make sure you enter the security code correctly. That’s the three digit number on the back of your card for Visa/Master. And 4 digit number on the front of your card for American Express
  • Your card issuer may have declined your payment – as they don’t tell us the reason for this, it’s best to check with them · If you have checked all of the above, try paying with another card.